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Game aliases: agario agar
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About Agar.io

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Agar.io is a legendary game, the ancestor of all and games. You control the cage, your goal is to eat colored dots, grow and absorb the cells of other players.

When your cell is small, it moves very fast. But the larger your cell, the slower moving. For this, in Agar io, it is possible to spit you cell or eject some mass, so you can catch up smaller cells. After some time all the splitted cells merge into one large.

Be wary of green spikes, if your cell absorbs them, it will burst into many small parts. You can play with a friend on a team and attack other cells together. So, you can quickly gain a lot of mass. Well, try to become the largest cell and absorb the entire server.

Now the game has 5 modes:
FFA - уach for himself
Teams - Team vs. Team
Battle Royale - one strongest survives
Experimental - added brown dots that after eating somebody throw some of the mass around them
Party mode - like FFA

How to play Agar.io

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